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PTY LTD, Est 1997

Ozeclick since 2001 Google Partner
Covering all modern day marketing needs -since 2004 was the first web site in Australia to sell Sporting Goods on line – client was The Brisbane Broncos who still use the logo we designed for them.

Founder & Director

Gerry Sinclair
B Comm (Economics)
0413 027 174

I have extensive marketing experience world wide both pre internet and post internet – today the basics have dramatically changed particularly with in general the emphasis on targeted marketing as opposed to ‘shot gun’ marketing like TV,Radio and Press. click here for a comprehensive evaluation of your current marketing strategy from business cards upwards if you use any of our services to bring you up to speed the $50 will be taken off the price.


Google Ads have replaced the yellow pages along with a web site (which does not have to be an expensive one) they are a must for modern businesses of all sizes
If you already have a web site we will assess it’s functionality for you (most are not good in that regard!) but in interim click here to go to the Ozeclick web site

Covering All Modern Day Marketing Needs

Includes SEO – Search engine Optimisation which will use the same potent key words from your Google Ad campaign to deliver you higher Google rankings more quickly and we will guarantee to get minimum of 50% of your keyword s on page one within 6 months or we work for free until we do, but we can advise on anything including the all important time proven 7 magic points you must have on all your marketing from your Business Card to any other medium you use.

Also under the Cybermarket Umbrella

1. For Gallops racing fans NoProfitNoPay designed for Radio TAB in 2004 and has a winning record on standout selections every year ever since – only one off  $20 to join and $20 a win and you only pay after you win. Join the “Prophet of Profit” 
Full details at or just click here to join for $20.

2. KVF – a closed Facebook Group for peoples in Aust/NZ and the South Pacific particularly the ‘hub’ Fiji
KVF members lunch on the Gold Coast Saturday 17th November, at The Star Casino. Only $50 (per head) including drinks click here.