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Only $34.95 delivered anywhere in the world! click here to order

Price is only $34.95 delivered anywhere in the world click here  to order now.


By Max Lacrosse

Not since Michener and Maugham have the fresh settings of the Pacific Islands been applied so evocatively as within the pages of "Silktail"

In evocative island settings, a cast of international characters mix an intriguing cocktail of murders, tropical passion and Fiji humour.

The year is 1990 and a nuclear bomb’s been spirited from Moruroa, France’s military atoll, and smuggled to the Fiji Islands.

Islamic extremists are trans-shipping the bomb through the islands to a mystery consignee.

French Special Forces and the Fiji military try to track down the bomb and its shadowy hi-jackers.

The chase takes them through brothels and backwaters of Papeete and Suva, to down-at-heel Taveuni copra estates, and then out to remote atolls in northern Fiji.

Taveuni ornithologist, Jack Costello, and Madeleine Bouvier, a coral reef conservationist, struggle with developers’ intent on over-exploiting the islands.

Their tentative love affair is thrown into confusion by Madeleine’s past activities in France.

When they and their Fijian friends become embroiled in the bomb-chase, Jack and Madeleine must take matters into their own hands.

Stanley Simpson’s review of Silktail in Mailife magazine:

“Lacrosse has a gift in describing the details of a place, a character, or even a weather condition so comprehensively it’s as if he’s painted it all for you. 
Within the pages of Silktail he brings to life characters that anyone who has lived in Fiji cannot help but identify with or recognize completely. 
It is also clear that the author knows the insides and out of the places he’s writing about, or has done some remarkable research, for the descriptions he provides seem so spot on.”


 Price is only $34.95 delivered anywhere in the world click here  to order now.

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