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                          Fiji Gold Bullion Coins - One set only!

                       Offers email sales@cybermarket.com.au

All offers will be submitted to owners who are a well known family in Fiji, and will be replied to.

As far as we can ascertain there were only 500 sets minted by the Pacfic Sovereign Mint at the minehead, using raw gold from the smelter just as it comes.
There is we believe only one set at the Reserve Bank in Fiji used for display purposes only.

Fijian Gold varies in purity bewtween 75% and 84% with the remaining metal being almost entirely silver, so coins are guaranteed to be a minimum of 18carats (75%) although the gold content maybe significantly higher.

And remember once this little Island's Gold is exhausted, thats it....there are no other known deposits in Fiji. 

The designs are different! There are no clinically perfectly milled edges and no bland low relief design.
Taking inspiration from the Ancient Greek World, these coins are hammer struck on dies engraved directly into the steel.
Because of this, no two coins can ever be the same.

There is one other unusual feature on these coins. After they have been struck, two small had punched marks are added on the obverse side.
The first shows a cowrie shell; the mark of the Pacific Sovereign Mint, which will appear on all coins.
The second is a symbol used as a date stamp and varies from year to year.

All coins have three numbers and a letter stamped inconspicuously on the rim starting from A001 and this set is numbered A321

The certificate of this set offered is dated 6th July 1992 (almost the end of production as the Mint folded that year) and the set comes wrapped in the original Tapa cloth wrapping.
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