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By Owen Scott, the definitive account of a series of tragedies including the senseless slaying of the head of the Red Cross in Fiji - his elder brother John Scott.

*Every book purchased online personally signed by Owen*.

Deep Beyond the Reef:
A True Story of Madness and Murder in Fiji

Publication date: 27/10/2005 by Penguin Books (NZ).

A Paperback with 408 pages of riveting reading!

36 Photographs included!


Owen Scott

Son of Sir Maurice Scott, Grandson of Sir Henry Scott, younger brother of John Scott.

Price including postage, author's signature

In NZ $A27.50
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For rest of the world $A34.95 
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                Beyond The Reef - Beyond Belief

Owen Scott's first book, Deep Beyond the Reef" is hard to put down.
Owen gives a fascinating viewpoint of Fiji's colonial history through the candid tale
of one family, and an often heart-breaking glimpse into the impact of murder
on the loved ones left behind.
In reading this book you will take a journey through a famous family pulled apart by ambition, deceit, alcohol, manipulation and then tragically, murder.
This sounds a lot to stomach, but Owen's writing style creates the double whammy of page-turning ease with coolly scripted, but devastating detail.
This book manages to be unsentimental, but at the same time deeply moving.
This is the story of a brothers desire to see Justice done.
It is the story of an Uncle caring deeply for his young and incredibly brave nephew in the aftermath of tragedy.
It is a tale of the injustice of uninformed media and an under resourced legal system.
It is a story that encompasses the most recent of Fiji's coups, as John Scott was the head of Fiji's Red Cross and was involved in the aftermath of that coup for 56 days, dealing on a daily basis with the Army, the rebels and the hostages.
It would undoubedtly make a great film, but dont wait for that, read the book!


 Reviews of  ‘Deep Beyond the Reef’- Owen Scott



“It’s a marvellous book, full of strange characters and bizarre behaviour, its narrative obviously fuelled by great passion.”

The Listener

2nd April 2005


“A fascinating read.”

Kim Hill, National Radio

5th Feb 2005


“Gripping … an intriguing page-turner full of sights, colours and smells of Suva …

A sad story brilliantly told.”

Warwick Rogers, North and South Magazine

April 2005


“Sharp-edged … a deftly written story of a colonial childhood … in a class of its own.”

Chris Moore, The Press

26th Feb 2005


“It reminded me of Truman Capote’s classic, ‘In Cold Blood’ … yes, it is that good.”

Otago Daily Times

2nd April 2005


“The writing is clear, precise and detailed … small incidents shine like unexpected gems, illustrating the author’s ability to translate the mundane to the meaningful.”

New Zealand Herald

19th March 2005


“This book is well written and very hard to put down.”

Bay of Plenty Times

5th March 2005


“A fascinating story … very easy to read … hard to put down.”

Marlborough Express

22nd Feb 2005

“A gripping story … multi-layered … a winning mix.”

Metro Magazine

March 2005


“Much more than a murder mystery … the family history almost steals the show.”

Air New Zealand In-flight Magazine

March 2005


“An intriguing account of life during the last days of colonial Fiji … part family history, part whodunit, wholly compassionate and humane in its tone, ‘Deep Beyond the Reef’ is a wonderfully readable book with many layers.”

Nelson Mail

18 May 2005



“A gripping story … the writer has the ability to express the essence of a person, giving reality to them … a good read.”

Wanganui Chronicle

30 April 2005


“There is something for everyone here … no doubt this is an emotionally moving and well-crafted piece of writing with a definite ring of truth.”

Canta (Canterbury University Magazine)

11 May 2005


“A well written, valuable log … an intimate and revealing narrative.”

Daily Post, Rotorua

26th Feb 2005


“Owen Scott tells his story with great charm and openness.”

Margie Thomson, Herald on Sunday

27th March 2005


“Enthralling … as a social history of what it is like to be white and privileged in professional circles in Fiji during the 20th Century I can commend this book.”

Law Talk

July 2005


“This book is a must read for anyone who travels or intends to travel to Fiji … never before had I read a book that brought back such childhood memories.”

Hawkes Bay Today

25 June 2005


“Tears hit the pages more than once … this story acts as a reminder not to forget what is most important in life.”

Craccum (Auckland University Magazine)

May 2005


“An interesting part of South Pacific history … certainly not grim. The anecdotes of life in Fiji are presented with a convincing humour along the lines of Gerald Durrell’s ‘My Family and Other Animals’.”

Salient (Victoria University Magazine)

July 2005


“An extremely personal and moving account.”

‘Real Groove’ Magazine

March 2005


“A touching and anguished account … it captivated my interest and made me experience a voyeur’s shame.

‘Doctor’ Magazine

November 2005


“A gripping story … the writer has the ability to express the essence of a person, giving reality to them … moving, and shows a depth of compassion, understanding and sheer humanity … this is a good read.”

Wanganui Chronicle

30 April, 2005



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