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KVF Cooperative - Helping us Help each other.

KVF Coop in conjunction with Bill Heritage & Margaret Stacey present
"Songs of Fiji" Vol 1 
52 songs -41 in Fijian, scroll down for more info and prices starting from only A$24.95!


                   SONGS OF FIJI - Volume 1


Welcome to our first volume of favourite Fijian songs.


As a musician and someone interested in keeping the spirit of music alive, we dedicate this book to all Fiji residents now residing in their adopted countries.Apart from publications put out by the late Ratu Josua Rabukawaqa and later the Education Department, there has never been a book published that people could use regularly at parties or socials.So whether you are participating in a cultural programme, celebrating a party at home, or just reminiscing around a kava bowl with friends, we hope this book will bring you a great deal of pleasure.


This book has been printed in large enough type for easy reading.The majority of the songs will be remembered by most and it is to our talented musicians and song writers that we pay tribute to for giving us this heritage in music.


Bill Heritage and Margaret Stacey

Songs of Fiji only A$24.95 delivered in NZ click here to buy now

                        A$29.95 delivered in Aust & Pacific click here to buy now

                        A$34.95 delivered anywhere else in the world click here to buy now



Size of Volume is A4;

Soft Cover

All Pages Glossy with large print


Along the Beach in Fiji ;

Au Mai Sikalutu                                                   Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Biau Mai Wasa

Biuta Tu Na Koro

Bula MaleaComposed by Ratu Isireli Racule

Buna Na Isa Lei Buna                                           Composed by Wame Waqanisanini

Cila Tu Na Vula E Delai Ovalau Ciri Koto                   Composed by Ratu Mara

Dreamtime                                                         Composed by Ted Beddoes

Era Sulu Khaki Mai                                               Composed by Viliame Bale Saumatua

Fascinating Fiji                                                   Composed by Ted Beddoes

Fijiís Red Hibiscus                                                Composed by Johnny Rounds

Isa Lei English)                                                   Composed by Lieut. W A Caten

Isa Lei (Fijian)                                                    Composed by Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba

Isa Lei Ko Viti

Isa Na Nuku Vulavul

Isa Sobo Lei Noqui Tau

Julu Jululu

Kirismasi Namaki                                                  Composed by Arthur Small

Lewa Lei Lewa                                                    Composed by Jolame Rokodrega

Lewa Mona Waraki Au                                          Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Liwa Mai Na Tokalau                                            Composed by Ratu Tevita Naulivou



Matai Suva

Mavana Sa Kemui Divi                                          Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Memories of Fiji                                                   Composed by Ted Beddoes

Na Wai Ni Bu Ni Ovalau

Na Noqu Senirosi

Noqu Senikau Ni Bogi                                           Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Ni Lutu Na Tega Ni Mataka

Ni Lutu Na Yakavi

Ocei Ena Liu Edai                                                Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Polynesian PrincessComposed by Ted Beddoes

Raica Lesu                                                         Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Rairai Vinaka Nida Raica                                        Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Sa Mai Lusi Wale                                                 Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Sai Levuka Ga

Senmi Mokosoi

Sobo Lesu Mai

Stars over Fiji                                                     Composed by Ted Beddoes


Talei Ni Veisusugi                                                 Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

The Fiji National Anthem(Fijian and English)

Tikoís Place                                                         Composed by Ted Beddoes

Tropical Dawn                                                      Composed by Ted beddoes

Tucake Mai                                                          Composed by Saimone Vuatalevu

Vakaraubuka Au Biuti Suva                                     Composed by Ratu Tevita Naulivou

Vosa Ni Tatau

Vude Mai

Vula Isa Vula

Whispering Palms                                                  Composed by Ted Beddoes

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