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What is the KVF CoOp? (To visit KVF CoOp click here)

The KVF CoOp gives KVF members the opportunity to present goods and services to other KVF members and to anyone from the general public who is curious enough to find out what the KVF CoOp is all about.

If you do not have anything to present then all you need to know is that in these pages (each offering will generally have its own page), that you will be able to transact business on line with your fellow members as easily and securely as the using of the donation mechanism that some of you have already used.
For those of you who havent, click on the Commonwelath Bank logo on the left or the CBA Payment Gateway link at the bottom of the page for details of your absolute credit card security.

The only other thing you need to know is that a percentage of each transaction will go to the KVF care and concern fund, which as you know is currently used mainly to express the groups condolences in times of family loss, and is at the moment totally funded by donations.

The theory behind the KVFCoOp is that with enough activity everybody will be contributing to the fund instead of the same 20% of donors, some of whom who have already contributed twice, but in the process of contributing they will be gaining themselves a useful good or service (eg travel, sulu, music etc etc) at a competitive price.
The efficiencies of the internet coupled with the fact that cybermarket.com.au will not be charging any set up fees to showcase members products, means that we can divert a percentage of sales to the fund without having to charge artificially high retail prices. 
With enough activity we can then look at using the fund for other purposes (eg helping individual members in countries without social services)
We can aslo use these pages to conduct auctions in special circumstances (Lieblings paintings have been mentioned) - it wont be as sophisticated as eBay but it will get the job done, and again cybermarket.com.au will not charge to conduct the auction.

That is the theory, the practice will depend entirely on you the members contributing goods and services for sale, and for both buyers and sellers all we ask is that you check these pages regularly to see if you can make a purchase from here and thus help the group, before you make that same purchase somewhere else.

Potential Sellers

For those who do have something to present the three main points are as follows:-
1. There are no set up costs (unless of course you are an established business that wants to present a large range of products in which case 1 page is free and the rest will require some set up fee)
2. You do not incur any costs UNTIL a sale is made, and once a sale is made the % deducted covers everything (credit card charges, bank fees, KVF donation, hosting, presentation on cybermarket including updating of info and/or graphics) except the delivery costs. No sales? No costs!
3. You will find that under this model that even allowing for the % going to KVF that your total costs including delivery, will be lower than any other form of marketing or distribution, so your gross profit per unit sale will be the highest you can make, your retail price will be ultra competetive and you will still be donating to the group. Its a win/win/win situation.

We are already operating this current system, which is now the end result of what we started with the Brisbane Broncos over 4 years ago, on behalf of other companies (although obviously we did not set them up without charge) so for further details at this early stage email gerry@cybermarket.com.au and he will answer any questions and if needed send you precise information on how it all works from a suppliers point of view. In this info every i is dotted and every t is crossed - enough to satisfy the most fastidious accountant or legal man.

If there is enough interest we will put most of that information on another page, although different product types sometimes do require different approaches and packages.

To make a donation to KVF click here  (or for more info click here)

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