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Do you have products or services you'd like to sell online? With Cybermarket.com.au it's the easiest it has ever been!

When you have a site built by us or revamped by us and hosted with us, for as little as another $95.00 and an extra $10 a month on your hosting charge we will enable your site with our so simple to use shopping facility.
Unlike a traditional shopping cart, products or sevices are very easy to add anywhere on your site.
Customers simply browse your site just like flicking through a magazine, adding what they want to the shopping facility and checking out when ready.

Orders are processed by automatically emailing you all the details of the products purchased and also the customer's details. You can even specify what details you wish to collect about the customer upon checkout.
Click here  to apply for more information.

In addition, you may want the payments to be processed online, with the advantages of automatic credit card validation and automatic banking.
It only takes a few seconds and once done successfully, you can go ahead and deliver your goods or services immediately, secure in the knowledge that the money is on its way to you.
For this you will need to apply for our E-Commerce Option, read on below.

Accepting payments online can be complicated and costly. Not with us.
We have years of experience with reputable online selling going back to early 1998 when we were one of the first to sell sporting goods on line in Australia.
(for Brisbane Broncos merchandise)

In keeping with our tradition of simplicity, we can organise approved businesses to have their orders processed by us through the Commonwealth Bank to enable you to sell your products and accept payments online without you even needing a merchant account!

Once your web site has been built or revamped by us and is hosted by us, and your business has been approved for on line payment validation by Cybermarket.com.au, a $95.00 set up fee and an extra $10/ month on your hosting will see that your payments are processed securely by the Commonwealth Bank using the Cybermarket.com.au merchant id and the money is deposited to your nominated bank account (at any bank) at regular intervals.

NB:With this process neither Cybermarket.com.au or you ever get to see your clients credit card details, only CBA does.
Great security for your clients and a litigation free process for you and cybermarket.com.au
Your clients can use any Visa, Mastercard, or Diners
(They do not have to be CBA issued credit cards)

If accepting payments online is an option you must have, please contact us for details regarding approval for this simple E-Commerce add-on.

Table of Costs from Start to Finish
*Domain registration you can do yourself - follow the link below for all types of domains.
Service Cost $A
(GST incl)
Ongoing Cost Cost $A
(GST incl)
1.Web Site Construction (custom made)* 995 Set Up Hosting/month 49.95**
2.Site Editor - be your own webmaster - no code needed incl above Hosting/month incl above
3.Google Newsletter Facility  incl above Hosting/month incl above
4.Shopping Facility incl above Hosting/month 10.00
5.Payment Gateway (using Pay Pal) incl above Hosting/month 10.00***
** Includes email set up & assumes hosting with us.
For Website hosting elsewhere set up is $1995
*** For you own Banks Payment Gateway, ask for quote.
For approved clients only Cybermarket can process for you.
Contact us for details.

NB:(a) We ask for 3 months outgoings in advance, after which you can elect to pay them Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly (for payment options click here)
     (b)  click here  for hosting and email details
     (c)If looking at e-commerce the set up includes setting up 1 or 2 products within the framework that you can then use to set up as many products or services for sale as you wish.
If instead you would like us to load products for you over and above the intial set up, budget for around $6- $7 a product.
If looking at really huge information sites with hundreds or thousands of pages ask us for a quote, you will be pleasntly surprised.

You are not tied to any potentially expensive contracts.

Alternately we can set you up to transact your own business on line instead of using us, once you have the approval and Merchant ID from your Bank.

If you need more information, or would like someone to contact you regarding your needs please register here
For some examples of organisations that cybermarket.com.au represents as on line selling agent & order processor click here