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Proudly presents "Fiji Masi" - every book personally signed by the authors
                            Catherine Spicer and Rondo BB Me

Fiji Masi, An Ancient Art in the New Millenium by Catherine Spicer and Rondo Me


                                                                  This newly released book (2004), brings a                     
     refreshing  and illuminating perspective to 
the most ancient of Fijian craft and art forms.
    Here the reader will find a very clear, detailed
    description of every step involved in the
    manufacture of Fijian barkcloth.
    The written text is liberally supplemented by
    colour  photographs of the people of
    Vatulele Island as they  demonstrate this
    ancient craft.


    The writers also give detailed accounts of the 
    manufacture of the natural dyes used in stencilling
    the cloth, as well as explaining the process of
    kesakesa…. Stencilling the cloth. Again, colour
    photographs are used to show the reader the


    The second half of the book sets masi in its traditional
    context and then continues on to talk about its
    use and place in modern-day Fiji.

“The Masi is the greatest and marvellous book for the Fijian.

Masi is one of the valuable pieces in the Fijian tradition and culture.

Congratulation for the GREAT BOOK !!

You did a marvellous work for ALL of  us.

You have highlighted a great piece of our tradition that is beginning to fade away.

I must say, most Fijians have no idea how the masi are made and how the ingredients of the paste are done. All the best to your next edition and hope you will find more that is hidden under the carpet !”

Leba S., Suva, Fiji


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