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Cybermarket.com.au covers you for all the services you are likely to need including the following:-

Web Sites

  • Superior Web development & design
  • Unique site editor function is included in all our web site creations or revamps. You or your staff become web developers! Maintenace, changes to text and images, updates, links & addition of new pages to your web site can all be done without any IT skills required. Means huge time & cost savings!
  • Unique shopping facility - does away with traditional shopping cart, much quicker and much more user friendly. Customers can buy anywhere on your site.
  • E-commerce web facility (automatic credit card validation & banking)
    On line order processing for approved clients.
  • From simple information sites to complete E-sales sites. Click here to see
    Value adding to existing web sites (e.g. e-commerce, site editor,graphics)
    Choose from, we set up the structure and you build yourself, we build or revamp using our structure or 100% customised sites to your specifications.*

    *Note that special customised sites require a contract and a deposit.

Other Major Services Are:

  • Domain name registration. click here for details
  • Server set-up for our clients PLUS superior Hosting
  • Email set-up
  • Customer Relationship Management - Send personalised emails through google to your customers eithet en masse, individually or in sub groups of your choosing email marketing
  • Search engine positioning
  • Marketing and Graphical consultancy
  • Unique risk sharing e-commerce model 
  • Web Database facilities and interfacing existing databases with the web*

    *Note that special data base work usually involves quoting, contracts and a deposit, whereas just adding a data base facility to a site we build or revamp for you is just a matter of another $10/month onto your hosting fee.