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OzeClick Site Editor - User's Guide

The aim of our Site Editor is to make it very easy to update your site. That’s why we made it look and feel like a basic text editor. Apart from the basics, like changing the font, bolding, etc, here are some of the functions:

Select Page – used to select the page you wish to edit. All the pages are listed here, even those that are not shown in the navigation menu.

New Page – used to add a new page. When adding a new page, you will be prompted for a Page Title, Navigation Position and Navigation Image. Setting Navigation Position to ‘None’ means the new page will not appear in the navigation menu and you will not require a Navigation Image (leave blank).
Page Properties – used to change the Page Title and/or Navigation position and/or Navigation Image for a particular page.
Hyperlink – used to create a link to another page or document. Available options: Open the linked page or document in a new window; Select from existing site pages; and upload and link to a PDF (.pdf) or MS Word (.doc) file.
Insert Image – used to insert an image at the position of the cursor. You can select from an existing image or upload a new one.
Insert Table – used to insert a table. Available options: number of rows & columns, table width & height, background colour, background image, cell padding, cell spacing and border.
Modify Table – used to make changes to an existing table. This includes changing cell padding & spacing, changing the width or height of the table, adding or removing borders, changing the background colour or setting a background image.
Hide/Show Guidelines – used to hide or show table guides. This is mainly used to see what the page would actually look like without table guides.

Tips and Shortcuts

Ctrl+Z – Undo (can only be used to undo the one very latest action)

Ctrl+C – Copy

Ctrl+X – Cut

Ctrl+V – Paste

You can drag & drop text, images and tables.

See what else you can discover!