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Data Bases

An extremely important facet of utilising the potential of the internet to its fullest can be the creation of database operations or the interfacing of existing off line data bases with the internet.

An example of a database intensive site we created can be seen at
www.strata-link.com where all the information required for Body Coporate management which is normally handled off line, is in this case handled on line resulting in appreciable savings in time and money.

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Note that adding data base facility to your web site is simply another
$10/ month onto your monthly hosting charge, but more complex work will be subject to a quote being accepted and require a contract with an initial deposit of somewhere between 25%-50% depending on the size of the task. 

Another Use Of Data Bases - What Is MMPRO?
MMPRO is an online based database management service for the creation and delivery of personalised emails to profiled individuals or groups.
Send the right message to the right person.
See how many and who actually read your message!
3/4 of our featured Merchants (RadioTAB, Race Profit & Sunplas) currently use MMPRO for communicating with their data bases on a regular basis with such information as special offers, new products, price changes, scratchings, results etc.
Key Benefits Of MMPRO

Personalised  Emails 
Send Emails to many customers, each personalised e.g. Dear David, Dear John etc.(up to 15,000 emails per month)
Further send emails to selected parts of your database eg all the girls, all the boys, everbody over 60, all publicans etc etc.
Apart from looking professional, saves valuable time money and effort in communicating with your  business contacts.
Online Data Collection And Management 
Allows you to collect data from your website eg Newsletter signups,competition entry forms, feedback forms
Creates Web Form 
As you create your data fields, HTML code is automatically generated for your web page
Multiple Data Fields
You decide on the data you want to collect e.g member/supplier/customer/likes/age/address.... 
Auto Responder & Auto Delete 
Customise your own responder. Opt out automatically deletes names from the database.
Not a Spam tool, it is for professionally communicating with an organisation's existing database, all of whom have elected to receive information from that organisation or business.

Monitor Your Indvidual Emails Success
Every email has its own campaign, and by clicking on view report you can instantly see how many in total of the section of the data base you emailed to has actually opened your email.
Further you can also see which individuals have opened your email.
Absolutely essential data for tracking and analysis of the effectiveness of your communication.
Delivery & Hosting
Generous allowances for Hosting and Email delivery included in monthly fee.

24 Hour Access
Organise your mail outs at a time to suit you, your clients or both.

MMPRO can offer you the ability to save valuable time,
Step One: MMPRO is already set-up to collect the email address from your contacts. Clicking 'Settings' will show you this and any other fields you have asked MMPRO to collect. This section will also allow you to change global settings such as your name and email address.

Step Two: If you want to add, edit or delete the different fields of information MMPRO collects, you can do this by clicking 'Collect Information' at the top of the page.

Step Three: Once you are happy with the information you are collecting, you can put this information on a website, if you have one, by clicking the 'Export to Web' menu item.

Step Four: You can manually enter your contacts, let them enter themselves from your website, or you can batch upload a database of your contacts to your MMPRO account. The 'Manage Contacts' menu item will allow you to do this, plus edit and delete or search for contacts.

Step Five: You can communicate with your contacts through the 'Campaigns' menu item that allows you to send personalised, 1:1 email messages to any segment of your contact base.

WARNING: MagicEmailerPRO is an "opt-in" database management system. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is MagicEmailerPRO to be used for the sending of unsolicited or SPAM emails. If this occurs your MagicEmailerPRO will be suspended and legal proceedings will be undertaken to recover any damages incurred by MagicEmailerPRO as a result of this activity. Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but SPAM cannot be tolerated, many countries around the world are moving to have SPAM made illegal, this system is being used by many companies and charities around the world and we cannot put their activities at risk.

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