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Web Design

Q. I need a website with x number of pages/sections. How much will it cost me?
A. No more than $660 (maximum of 10 hours at $66/hr) to design and fully set up. Your ongoing cost will be $29.95 per month. On average your new site will start with about 5-10 pages/sections. There is no cost for adding extra sections/pages, and you will be able to add them yourself using Site Editor.

Q. How long will it take before my new site is up and running?
A. One week to 10 days on average.

Q. What is included?
A. Complete design and setup of your site, complete Web hosting of your site, up to 100 email accounts and Site Editor for making changes to your site. You also get a full and detailed statistics reporting package to monitor traffic.

Q. I already have a website, but would like to revamp it. How much will it cost me?
A. The same amount of work goes into revamping a website as it does into creating one from scratch. Thus the cost is roughly the same as above.

Q. How will I be able to make changes to my website?
A. You will be able to make changes to your website just by using your browser and a password. This is done using Site Editor.

Q. Do I need to register a domain?
A. Yes. You will need to register a domain with any Domain Registration Provider (or registrar) before you apply for an account with us. For .com.au domains we recommend TPP. For .com domains, please click here to go to our software associates website. In both cases you will need to have your credit card ready. If you have any trouble or simply need help, please contact us.

Q. How do I get started with Cybermarket.com.au?
A. Once you have registered your domain, or if you already have a domain, simply apply online.

Q. How do I send you what I want for designing my new website?
A. By email. Once you apply, you will receive a welcome email. Simply reply to this email with any content and any images attached.

Q. How will people find my website?
A. Most people use Google or Yahoo to find websites. Getting listed on major search engines is a complex process. Getting listed on the first page is even more complex. We offer a Search Engine Positioning service that guarantees your position on the first page of both Google and Yahoo.click here for info

Q. I already have a website hosted somewhere else. Can I just get Search Engine Positioning?
A. No. This is an exclusive service, offered only to customers who get the complete package with us.

Q. What will happen to my site if Cybermarket.com.au ceases business?
A. Your account and your website will simply be transfered to another hosting company without any disruptions.

Q. Does my site get backed up on a regular basis?
A. Yes. All sites are automatically backed up every weekend.

Q. What if I want to move to another Web services company in the future?
A. If you wish to move to another Web company in the future, your site can easily be transfered.