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Cybermarket.com.au is using the consumer friendly CBA Commweb payment gateway on this site. You can use any Visa, Mastercard, or Diners Club (they do not have to be CBA issued cards)

The CBA payment gateway means that after electing to purchase on line you are redirected to the CBA web site where you will see the following message before entering your credit card details:-
"Your details will be sent to and processed by The Commonwelath Bank of Australia and will not be disclosed to the merchant."

Your card is validated on line in absolute security in a matter of seconds.
Cybermarket.com.au never sees or retains your credit card details.
That is between you, your Card Issuer and CBA, thus giving you absolute security.

CBA will show you a message on screen that you can print out when your transaction is approved, and afterwards you are taken back to the Cybermarket.com.au site where you will see the following message:-
"Thankyou CBA has just authorised your credit card transaction, your order will now be processed.
Order/Invoice number: (this will match the number on order initiated emailed to you with details of sale)
Transaction Receipt Number:(this is the CBA receipt number for your files)

We strongly suggest you print this out as your record, and in case of any queries on delivery or payment.

If the transaction is declined this message will instead  give you the reason why, plus give you a number to quote when checking with your card issuer. 

The banking system security for on-line payments means that returning subscribers or purchasers will have to re-enter their credit card details each time , as we don't see or collect credit card details via on-line payments.

For consumers this means it is actually safer to use your credit card with us than it is in a conventional business where your credit card details usually remain in the business and are seen by various staff before they reach the Bank, or by telephone where you are giving your credit card details to someone you normally do not know and cannot see.

Visa and Mastercard holders who are enrolled in Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure code (3D Secure) are even further protected as the CBA validation process asks for a further password based on the 3 numbers on the reverse of the card before validating. These 3 numbers are not printed out on normal receipts so anyone trying to use your credit card details off a restaurant receipt for example, would not have access to these numbers.

For businesses & organisations it simply means you can transact business knowing you are litigation free with regards to misuse of credit card details.

Please click here to make any service payments to Cybermarket.com.au on line.